Course Zoom Links

Because of the COVID-19, our class for the 2021 spring semester is in synchronous online form. There should be little impact on our learning if we handle the situation well. Here are some adjustments.

Online recordings. The online sessions will be recorded, and you can use them for asynchronous learning if you cannot attend every session. According to the University’s regulation: “class recordings are reserved only for students [instructor and TA(s)] in this class for educational purposes. The recordings should not be shared outside the class in any form. Violation of this restriction could lead to Student Misconduct proceedings.”

Attendance. Attendance at virtual sessions has no difference with in-person sessions. You are not required to attend every class, but your absence from the virtual sessions will be recorded. The times of your absence will not influence your grade, but will be a part of your academic records permanently in the University’s system. Only medical emergencies (mental or physical) can be exempted, and you need to provide a letter of proof from your doctor (an email from your doctor is sufficient).

Class expectations. We will make a list of expectations on the first day of class.